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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Review

This is just as mind-blowingly dull as a Call of Duty campaign. The Modern Warfare 2 campaign does not deliver anything that you did not already see in Call of Duty, nor is it able to quite hit the highs of its namesake, but it is never going to, and that is fine.

With its slower build-up, Modern Warfare 2s campaign offers up a true change-of-pace experience, featuring gorgeous visuals, excellent voice acting, and the most varied mechanics Call of Duty has offered. Infinity Ward has intentionally varied pacing so that it does not descend into humdrum killing, and although the campaign does not flow as smoothly as Modern Warfare 1, it is a good mix, compelling you to play through at least one more mission before suddenly the credits roll.

Modern Warfare 2 is still Call of Duty, not Rainbow Six, but there are plenty of elements to the games design that slow players down. Infinity Ward developed the one-off completely unlike any Call of Duty before it, moving away from the famous video game-style Word War II and towards a more contemporary setting. Modern Warfare II may at times feel like another series, with the games Infinity Ward design and Modern Combat canons infused into the classic first-person shooter (FPS) with touches such as deep weapon customization, water interactions, and a more realistic recoil model.

Interactions with the environment are much improved as well Modern Warfare II multiplayer, when compared with older Call of Duty titles. With the campaign, Activision wanted to highlight the importance of their best-in-class shooter in a bundle offered to users each year.

The basis of upcoming multiplayer, DmZ, and Warzone 2 experiences — all of which are reportedly built on top of IWs 9.0 game engine — as well as a fine-tuned suite of mechanics and systems from Modern Warfare 2, which are introduced during the campaign. Modern Warfare II (no, not that new, modern warfare 2, if you are thinking about Modern Warfare 2) Modern Warfare II (no. It is the latest entry in the series – 19th in the mainline, if you are keeping score – and brings with it the return to the contemporary setting from last years… back to the Second World War.

Unlike similar modes in other games, the story-driven missions are not standalone challenge tasks for skills, but long, involving encounters that might as well have been a campaign. That said, that aforementioned vehicle pursuit mission does ultimately involve getting in a truck, but since you are driving as you are shooting, and you can hop onto the back of another vehicle as it is driving, that makes this part more akin to something from Battlefield Hardline than from any Call of Duty game.

Modern Warfare IIs locomotion is quick, and you can dual-tap for sprints, but one of the things that really stood out for me in this years Call Of Duty was the way that the maps forced me to slow down at times.

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