How to Obtain Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Code

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Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Code

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Review

The Castlevania-inspired levels are a fantastic love letter to the classic monster-filled castle that comes with a pool of new items, monsters, and chances. Motion Twin made a delicious slice of content for the fans of the series and it adds to the collection of items you can use in Dead Cells’ combat system. With Return to Castlevania DLC, Motion Twin has proven once again why they are so beloved; it is no surprise that this love letter to the series has made such an impact.

The procedurally generated castle, new characters, and nostalgic soundtrack capture the spirit of Castlevania in a perfect way. The hack-and-slash gameplay feels so good; it is smooth and responsive. There are plenty of upgrades and new weapons to find as you hunt your way through the levels.

The included entirely new mode, which features several new biomes, has been a great addition to the game. Dead Cells’ core gameplay remains unchanged but with new weapons and levels it feels fresh again. The illusion of progress is kept alive by the satisfying upgrades that help you progress further into the castle. It’s an excellent addition to an already great game and something fans will be sure to appreciate for years to come.

The Dead Cells Return To Castlevania DLC offers an alternate pure Castlevania soundtrack to fill the needs of Castlevania fans who want to hear the classic tracks like “Vampire Killer” and “Bloody Tears”. The music is a great compliment to the gameplay, and Cells composer Laulans has done a fantastic job in reinterpreting these classic tracks. Fans will get a good amount of nostalgia from this DLC, with bosses and runs that are accompanied by the fill music. With a very reasonable price tag, it’s hard not to recommend this as something that any Dead Cells or Castlevania fan needs.

Once you cross the well worn drawbridge and enter into the gothic walk that awaits, you may find yourself spending three hours taking in the sights before even beginning your journey down into Castlevania’s content. Return to Castlevania is an absolute delight for fans of either series, and it does an excellent job of taking experienced indie hit Dead Cells players on a nostalgic journey down memory lane while introducing them to some of Castlevania’s characters and settings. The past DLC packs have been absolutely incredible, and this one is no exception – definitely take your time to explore everything Return to Castlevania has to offer; there are plenty of secrets hidden off your path that will certainly bring despair!

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