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As Dusk Falls Redeem Code

As Dusk Falls Review

Due to the motion-comic-like presentation and the grounded narrative, As Dusks Falls stands out as a worthy, distinctive narrative title, though it does not play well with controllers. As Dusks Falls feels like an interactive TV drama, and its tightly written script (aside from one point near the games conclusion that requires a significant leap of logic) and impressive voice acting do much to animate its narrative. While there may be some flaws, this engaging story, cast of relatable characters, meaningful decisions, and unique art style make As Dusk Falls shine as one of the best interactive adventures this year.

This style of game has always struggled with making your decisions feel meaningful, but the more we thought about it, the more we believed As Dusk Falls could be the first linear game in the genre that really delivers on its promise of having the story shape itself around your decisions.

As Dusk Falls feeds your appetite for these various choices, providing a vast plot tree at the end of each chapter, which shows you how your decisions led up to events. There are a few big plot events that could have taken wildly different forms, especially near the games ending, but a quick replay shows most of the scenes in As Dusk Falls generally playing out similarly regardless of what you are doing, with specific characters readily swapping places for one another should your choices dictate another way events unfold.

While many games like this focus on choice, As Dusk Falls deserves kudos for making sure that a players decisions heavily influence the way every scene plays out. As there is not time wasted making you hunt for puzzle clues or clumsily tripping through 3D environments, As Dusk Falls leaves room for an impressively large amount of meaningful decisions compared to any of the Telltale games, and it does not feel as though you are simply being given the illusion of choice.

Making As Dusk Fall a visual novel feels like a perfect fit, since it puts an immediate focus on the story and keeps the narrative on track. Leaving aside the core issue about the nature of a video game, since Dusk Falls main goal is the story that it is trying to tell, interestingly enough, this is one of the rare narrative games that the story could not have been told really through another medium; since Dusk Falls can really only be done through video games. As Dusks Falls is unlike anything else on the Xbox exclusive line-up thanks to the presentation, which is similar to motion comics, yet is still highly interactive, with frequent dialog choices and fast-time events.

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