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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Bloody Ties Review

Bloody Ties, featuring new battles, stories, loyalties, betrayals, and branching paths. Dying Light 2s first narrative DLC, Bloody Ties, is out today, and to help get started, we spoke to Techland Teamland for their thoughts, along with a few tips on taking over the Hall of Blood. The games first story DLC is a safe, brief extension, giving dedicated Dying Light 2 fans something new to tinker with, but not a lot to draw others back. That is not to say the games first story DLC is not serious storytelling, just another kind that serves as an accessory to the main plot.

Bloody Ties is the first premium piece in Dying Light 2s lengthy road map, and although it does indeed build a bit of replayability into its campaign, it also painfully highlights and centers around Dying Light 2s biggest weaknesses. This particular DLC, Bloody Ties, was delayed as well, as Techland worked to polish up the core game and make sure that expansion was completely ready to go.

Of course, the games first Story DLC was only a first step in fleshing out Dying Lights universe, with a future DLC package of stories in the works that are more likely to explore the rest of the corners of Villedor and experiment with different tones. Newly introduced characters are introduced in this DLC, and while we are not going to talk about them for potential spoilers, we will say that your decisions within Bloody Ties will impact how you stand against each one, since it is not simply a arena DLC, such as Dying Lights Bozak tribe.

In Bloody Ties DLC for Dying Light 2, Dying Light 2 players are invited back to Villedor, but instead visit Carnage Hall, a classy, over-produced fighting club, where players will have their power and dexterity tested. The Bloody Ties DLC starts off somewhat awkwardly, with Aiden being called upon to demonstrate his abilities in order to gain an invitation to the Carnage Hall as a fighter in order to further investigate.

This DLC brings entirely new experiences in the form of various tier challenges, as well as telling the story of the owner of Carnage Hall, Astrid, and her violent champion, Skullface. The owner of Carnage Hall, Astrid, and her violent champion, Skullface. The Story DLC contains a whole new adventure, filled with new missions, challenges, weapons types, character interactions, and locations to discover. Dying Light 2s story and battle situations appear to have been mixed in this DLC, which may prove a welcome change in pace, and a positive addition both to the series narrative and to its unique approach to parkour-based combat.

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