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This blog is all about getting a stray redeem code to play the game on PS4, PS5, and PC. Make sure to follow the blog till the end. Don’t stop in the middle of the blog cause that would result in losing the chance to own the game. This giveaway on the stray redeem code will be available for a limited time only.

Tap on the above button to download your stray redeem code. You can select the platform only once, that means be cautious while selecting it. Once you got the stray redeem code, you can redeem it at the marketplace of your device. If you are a PC user, you should use the steam client to activate the stray steam key. The game has been getting mixed reviews, however, most users have left positive feedback till now. According to our perspective, the game is worth giving a try. Therefore the time you spend here does not go in vain. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends as well.

Stray Redeem Code

Stray Review

Stray is not only good fun for cat lovers, but a great video game, period. Yes, it really helps if you are a cat lover, as it is very well animated and it does capture a cats personality very well, but there is just so much else to like about this. Stray is a truly unique game experience, and one that is well worth checking out just because of the cats. The gameplay, which is centered around cats, is just one small part of what makes Stray tick.

Stray is mostly a straight-forward platformer, with some puzzles sprinkled in; instead of combat, the emphasis is on the cats like abilities of skulking, avoiding, and running away. The concept of placing you into the grips of a generic cat might be a silly one at first glance, but Stray uses this fluffy medium to tell a genuinely gripping story, with some fun actions along the way. Whether you are a cat lover, or you simply want a cool little platformer to dive in, Stray is an awesome ride.

Stray is a game that puts you in the shoes of a cat – and, in doing so, replicates cat behaviors in very compelling ways. Its cat-centric gameplay is kind of unique for a game this size. Early on in Stray, the cat is equipped with a harness to help carry his fellow drone, which he hilariously collapses on the ground, refusing to move for a moment. Yes, players are solving puzzles and talking with robots in Stray, but it is because a cat is being helped along by her drone partner, B-12.

While his drone companion plays a crucial role in helping players get through some of the obstacles of Stray, the main focus remains firmly on the cat, and how he is able to interact with the world around him. If a lack of abilities seems concerning, that changes when an unnamed stray cat meets B12, a little drone that has what appears to be a personality. While none of the dozen or so robots you meet (other than your very own feline) has a lick of the cats own personality, stray sometimes squeaks out a biting observation on how our creations ultimately mimic both our best and worst traits.

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