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MADiSON Review

MADiSON plays with your mind superbly, and ultimately is truly disturbing — that, after all, is the real mark of a good psychological horror. In that respect, Psychological Horror games are outstanding, with an authentically frightening atmosphere that kept me engaged, even through less-than-pleasant sections of the game. It is the execution that counts, and MADiSON makes excellent use of the horror tropes very familiar to this tale. While it does not provide anything new, The Story serves MADiSON well, and provides the foundation to build on with some great game design and a very well-crafted horror experience.

MADiSON has an excellent grasp on the core principles of any good horror experience — pace, atmosphere, suspense, knowing when to rein in and when to unleash — more than makes up for some of its most disappointing gameplay and technical issues. It makes you completely human, preying on your weaknesses with its horrifically ominous atmosphere and spooky visuals, whilst simultaneously challenging you and keeping you engaged through its well-paced narrative and smartly implemented puzzles. Madison manages to establish suspense and variety with the puzzles, but falters when it becomes obsessed with bamboozling players with head-tilting solutions and stopping your heart with trite jumpscares.

The major disappointment is not that Madison occasionally makes you giggle by accident, it is that Madisons multi-stage puzzles get dragged so far out of order you just do not keep jumping over eerie angels and horrifying violin shredding. That is not to say Madison does not have some terrifying moments; activating a set of record players as a demon creature stalks you from a childrens book scared me, and the game has its share of nope moments.

Madison definitely feels more engaged than Layers of Fear, mostly because of a few neatly implemented gameplay mechanics. If the puzzle bits were slightly easier, the terror bits in Madison could have shined through in the right way.

MADiSONs puzzles are pretty tough, which might seem like an award for players looking for a hard-hitting horror game. There is a decent amount of variety to offer in terms of the games puzzles, with several standouts that really impressed me amongst the mix. Some puzzles are maybe too esoteric to be truly enjoyed,

Overall, the forthcoming MADiSON by Nosebleed Games is shaping up to be a winner, from an environment-heavy perspective, to a titillatingly fiendish plot, all wrapped in a hyper-realistic visual presentation that sells an image of sheer villainy. Overall, MADiSON is an excellent first title from the new developer, and it is bound to deliver a lot of terror. Regardless, MADiSON is incredibly effective at providing terrifying thrills. Aside from annoying puzzles and pacing issues, most of Psychos horror games are filled with Luka-deliverable exposition that sucks thunder out of an otherwise intriguing storyline and disrupts immersion.

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