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Pac-Man World Re-PAC Redeem Code

Pac-man World Re-Pac Review

For anyone looking for a complete remake of Pac-Man World on the original PlayStation, complete with fixes to a few of the games obvious shortcomings, you are expecting way too much, and are out of luck with Pac-Man World Re-Pac. The original Pac-Man World is not a terrible remaster, however, as it would benefit from being brought back in line with contemporary platforming standards.

While Pac-Man World was a huge hit, which has led to several sequels and spin-off games, Pac-Man World as a franchise has been kept mysteriously quiet for years — this is apparently one Pac-Man game era Bandai Namcos been never acknowledging for a very long time, despite its largely positive reception. You might even assume that Bandai Namco is considering making a new entry, but certainly if they were to make a new Pac-Man platformer, it would be a modern, open-world title, rather than something so conceptually constrained like Pac-Man World.

As it stands, however, the original Pac-Man World feels like one of the more faithful Yellow Pizza Men games to be released, which is not some kind of twist on a classic arcade Pac-Man game that we have played. Unlike the hub-and-spoke open-level approach of a Banjo-Kazooie, though, the original Pac-Man World is broken into smaller, discrete levels, and, if anything, feels like a forerunner to a 3D Super Mario world or the more recent Kirby titles thanks to the camera angle.

The space maze is also a necessary element to Pac-Man World, as although the 3-D platforming levels with yellow Pizza-Man did work quite well, there was the risk that, without some of that classic maze-based action, the game would have lost the tradition of its titular protagonist.

Controlling Pac-Man, the player has to traverse each of the games six worlds in order to save Pac-Mans friends, who are being held prisoner by Pac-Mans enemies on his friends homeworld, Ghost Island. The storyline follows Pac-Mans enemies, Ghosts, crashing his 20th birthday party and abducting his friends, taking them to his homeworld of Ghost Island — his birthday is destroyed, Pac-Mans family is in distress, and Pac-Man sets out to save them and defeat Pac-Mans enemies.

If you combine the lackluster Pac-Man gimmick, reliance on 3D platforming concepts that Crash Bandicoot did better with, and the lack of replayability (especially when compared to titles like Crash, which forces you to hunt for post-game gems, or Spyro 2 and its 100% completion theme park levels).

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