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Rollerdrome Redeem Code

Rollerdrome Review

This is Rollerdrome, a skate-shooter game that blends the trick systems from Tony Hawks Pro Skater and the chain-killing from Doom 2016 into a thrilling, dystopian experience that makes you feel like god on wheels. Rollerdrome is a game in which, locked into a set of retrofuture-looking coliseums, you string together intricate rollerblade tricks as you dodge missiles, ducking truncheons, and smashing shotgun pellets into the shields of the Riot Guards in super-slow-motion.

Rollerdrome is both roller-skating and shooting, a title that’ll feel more than a bit familiar to fans of sci-fi classics such as Rollerball and The Running Man, dropping your main character, Kara Hassan, into a dystopian gameshow where super violence and smooth skating are key to success. Roll7 combines the genres with utter mastery in Rollerdrome, one of the most breathtakingly stylish, and carelessly, shamelessly awesome, games you will ever play.

The scenery and characters really do take a back seat to the gameplay, but what Roll7 managed to slip in to the Rollerdromes chaotic third-person shooter is brilliant. Unlike similar motion-based action games, Rollerdrome does not cut too far at each end of this genre-mashup, weaving every element together with seamless perfection.

These two elements in Rollerdrome may seem contradictory–why would you stop doing a backflip while people are shooting you laser death beams?–but the game does an admirable job combining its skating-based tricks game with its shooter-based battles. Roll7s Rollerdrome pushes you to move well between skating and pulling tricks, and taking down enemies, and it is not long before you notice that it has a rhythm.

Where Rollerdrome really excels is mixing all of those fighting ideas together with skating moves, which Roll7 is known for. Rollerdrome is not meant to be the hardest skating sim or shooter out there, but it is still got a lot of challenges. Grinding through challenges in Rollerdromes chaotic third-person shooter is not all that enjoyable, given late-game challenges and the fact that it simply does not feel all that awesome to complete.

Running is unfortunate, as it is the one true stumble, and while you could simply overcome this through practice, Rollerdromes certainly become much less fun during its last third, when you are trying to pull off just enough tricks to ensure that you have enough ammunition to fire off the almost non-stop stream of enemies, until it feels almost choked.

The different types of enemies with their own distinct weaknesses makes Rollerdrome at times a bit of a puzzle game, asking you to switch between weapons on the fly in order to handle everything that comes at you, all the while keeping up with combo meters and ammo by looking cool. Rollerdrome will often see you taking down enemies as they are mid-air.

Nailing this combo is where Rollerdrome becomes thrilling, pushing you to get going faster and faster. At times, aspects of Rollerdrome may get a bit too basic for its own good, but on the whole, Rollerdrome is an amazing amalgamation of systems that seem to have no business working together, but actually do, marrying skaters and shooters great elements together in ways that push both the skaters and shooters up. When playing Rollerdrome, comparison points with other games and experiences are glaringly obvious, yet combine to make something uniquely its own.

Hope you guys are happy with our blog on rollerdrome redeem code and its review. We have tried to include every part of the rollerdrome game. If you don’t like anything about this game, please write your feedback to us.

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