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Steelrising Redeem Code

Steelrising Review

Steelrising has an excellent premise, as well as all of the ingredients needed for an excellent Soulslike. Steelrising feels a lot like every Soulslike; Steelrising is about the gameplay and challenge. While it is a difficult game, it is not at all like the other soulslikes when it comes to difficulty.

Soulslikes can get away with an obscure story or poor writing as long as the gameplay, enemies, and bosses are engaging enough, and SteelRising does its best to make SteelRiders own little stab at this space. A solid Soulslike, one that executes the basic tenets of the games next genre in an impressive fashion, Steelrising is also a game that surprises and engages through its uniquely weird world. More than anything, however, Steelrising is a compelling, thrilling Soulslike adventure that takes place in the world of Steampunk.

Steelrise is a game with high ambitions, looking to rival the best of the genre, but it ultimately lacks the resources and polish to make it happen. From the scattered pieces that comprise Steelrisings satisfying combat, to its gorgeous settings and worldbuilding, which blends dark fantasy with alternate French history, there is much to appreciate about what sets Steelrising apart from its peers.

A little wanting compared with Steelrisings Souls contemporaries, Steelrising nonetheless delivers challenging combat, imaginative enemies, and a compelling, atmospheric look at eighteenth-century Paris during a time of great turmoil. In many ways, Steelrising plays similar to a lot of Soulslikes: Its mechanics revolve around exploring the map, grinding through the combat, checking out checkpoints to upgrade your character, and learning to make effective use of alchemic weapons and strong attack animations.

While Steelrising indeed delivers robust, competent souls like experience, some of Steelrisings brighter conceptual opportunities are definitely lost due to its sluggish, measured, and thoughtful approach to world-traveling and game-playing actions. Of all Souls-like games, it is most closely allied with Bloodborne for its type of offensive approach, as well as having a melee weapon as well as a firearm in your arsenal. Overall, Steelrising could end up being a satisfying steampunk adventure, with engaging exploratory and combat mechanics, cool weapons to pick up, and a lot of character-building variety that keeps the battles fresh.

Steelrising even has a neat feature, called Dub Assist Mode, that may make the battles a little less punishing for those who are new to the Soulslike genre. Perhaps hoping to entice players who lack the necessary souls sadist streak, Steelrising features the smartly named Assist Mode option. Steelrisings assist mode is completely optional, yet seems to be a relatively straightforward addition that makes something that otherwise makes the game a little bit more accessible for folks without the time or temperament to make it. If you are still struggling through it all, or you just prefer playing with more forgiveness, Steelrisings assist mode could make that happen.

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